Creative hair coloring

The hairdresser dries the girl's hair

If you want to change the color of your locks, do it in unusual shades and visible to others, then the creative hair coloring is the best option for transformation. The peculiarity of this coloring is the combination of two or more colors, and there are no restrictions in shades, which allows you to create bold, and sometimes provocative images.

Types of creative coloring

There are no less than 20 techniques to dye hair creatively, and each master may have his own secrets for creating an original image. The most commonly used are the following types of hair color changes:

  • Melting and toning. The most famous type of coloring, when some strands are lightened, and then dyed or toned in a bright shade.
  • Ombr√©. The original option used if creative coloring is planned for long or medium length hair. The color becomes saturated or changes along the entire length of the hair, starting from the roots or from the middle.
  • Concealed Colouring. A great way to look appropriate in different situations. For example, if a rainbow color is chosen, but it is impossible to appear at work with such a hairstyle, then it is “masked” under the outer strands that have classic colors.
  • Futuage, block coloring. Such a design involves certain drawings, applied with the help of a stencil, or individual blocks.
  • Color changes, including contrasting ones, carried out on individual strands, or the color melting technique.

These are just some of the techniques for creative coloring. A true master will determine by himself which techniques to use, how to combine them to get the desired color scheme, pattern and in general a completed image.

The hairdresser dries the girl's hair

The advantages of creative coloring

Few people are ready to dare to a bright or creative image, although this original coloring has several advantages, not only “standing out from the crowd”. Among the advantages are:

  • the possibility of creating a unique image, through it you can accentuate your individuality, emphasize style;
  • correction of hair problems and masks unsuccessful bleaching, dyeing, marked gray hair, which can appear at any age;
  • realization of any creative fantasies, including the application of drawings, the use of combinations of any color scale;
  • correcting or emphasizing the contours of the face. The haircut and color palette can change the appearance, hide flaws and draw attention to the advantages.

The benefits of creative coloring can be appreciated if the work is done by a professional, and the image itself perfectly suits the inner perception of the owner of the original hairstyle.

How to choose a look for yourself for creative coloring

It can be difficult to decide on the image, color palette and method of coloring on your own. It is good if you have a completely ready image, and you can be guided by it. If not, you will have to rely on your imagination, or on the suggestions of your stylist or hairdresser.

In the public domain a lot of photos, as looks creative coloring on short hair, as well as performed on curls of any other length. As an option, you can take an already ready idea and complement it with your own non-standard solutions.

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