Our philosophy is to empower professional hairdressers with the most technologically advanced products in the industry so they can realize their artistic visions in the most effective way. The word “heat” in our corporate name refers to the fact that FHI HEAT offers the widest temperature range and heat retention capabilities in the market. We believe in “healthy” heat – which is the integration between the power of heat and the highest grade materials and technological capability to allow our tools to optimally preserve and benefit the health of the clients’ hair over time.

That’s why FHI Heat is here.

With every tool we create, we strive to give stylists more creativity, control and confidence. And at the same time, contribute to the health and well-being of their clients most valuable asset: their hair.

FHI Heat perfects the art of coiffing hair with highly advanced ceramic tourmaline flat irons that employ a revolutionary Integrated Ceramic Heating System™ (I.C.H.S) as well as FHI Heat’s proprietary Nano-Fuzeion™ technology.

Triple Protection with Nano-Fuzeion™ Technology

FHI Heat’s patented Nano-Fuzeion technology is a unique combination of Nano-Titanium, Nano-Titanium Dioxide and Nano-Silver particles. Together, the triple function of the Nano-Fuzeion technology removes bacteria, toxins and static, producing superior conditioning and shine, while providing unmatched health and purification benefits for the hair.

RapidTek™ Technology

RapidTek technology allows irons to heat up twice as fast as the typical PTFC heater (the most widely used heater in flat irons), thanks to FHI Heat’s newest generation oversized ceramic heater with RapidTek technology. And, they reliably stay at the selected heat throughout styling. As a result, you can style hair with just one pass of the iron per section, saving time and reducing thermal tress stress. FHI Heat flat irons heat up to a remarkable 450°F degrees, and the Integrated Ceramic Heating System™ (I.C.H.S) recovers lost heat so that iron remains very hot when applied to wet or dry hair and the temperature stays constant.