How to choose a shade for eyebrows

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Not only the shape of your eyebrows affects the look you create, but also the color. How to choose the perfect shade to look irresistible? We’re here to help!

What affects the color of the eyebrows

What affects the color of the eyebrows
Eyebrows are one of the main components of beauty. If they are perfect, you can significantly reduce your makeup time. One of the main components of beautiful eyebrows is color. Today, natural beauty is in fashion, but that does not mean that it is necessary to leave what is created by nature. Adjustments should be made taking into account the main factors that influence the shade of the eyebrows – the color of the hair and skin color type.

Hair color and eyebrow color

One of the main parameters influencing the choice of eyebrow color is the color of the hair. Particular attention should be paid to the combination with the color of the roots, which have their own shade. The following trends should be adhered to:

  • Blonde hair – blondes will suit a gray-brown shade of eyebrows, which will not look super bright. Dark gray color will look natural for owners of light brown hair;
  • Dark hair: Brunettes are recommended a shade 1-2 shades lighter than the roots of their hair. Owners of dyed black hair should not strive for a similar palette of eyebrows, as they will look stiff. It is better to prefer a dark brown shade. If black hair is natural, a dark brown color will be harmonious;
  • Red hair – with red shades harmoniously combined with the light brown halves of the eyebrows;
  • Brown hair – a shade that is darker by only one tone is recommended. If you want to make your eyebrows as expressive as possible, you can make them darker by one more tone.

A harmonious combination of hair and eyebrow tones is an important step on the path to perfection.

Eyebrow color and skin tone

Your face color type is no less important when choosing the shade of your eyebrows than your hair color. When choosing a palette, it is recommended to consider the following tips:

  • light skin – the naturalness of the eyebrows will help to give an ash or light brown shade;
  • medium-skinned skin – a brown shade with slight saturation is recommended;
  • dark skin: a matte brown color will help to distinguish the eyebrows’ line; priority should be given to the shade which is 1-2 shades lighter than the skin.

It is possible to choose a shade on the skin of the cheek or next to the eyebrow: this will help to evaluate how correctly the color has been chosen.

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Can’t choose your own eyebrow color? The experts in permanent tattooing will not only help with the choice, but also recommend the intensity of the filling, the shape of the eyebrows. The result will delight not only everyone around you, but also their owner.

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