L’Oréal Professionnel Black Elite

loreal hair salon

Wilson’s on Washington is proud to be the only Black Level Elite Salon in the upstate area. Black Level Salons, the highest level, carry the entire L’Oreal Professionnel brand portfolio and are committed to providing clients with the most innovative and technologically advanced products.

As a L’Oreal Black Elite salon, our staff is committed to integrity and artistry.  Every stylist and specialist on our team undergoes rigorous advanced training in color theory, cutting techniques, and product knowledge to offer you world class service and amazing style at every appointment.

From ombre color and balayage to corrective color, keratin treatments, and the ultimate hair extensions, our hair salon services are unparalleled in the Greenville area.

Make an appointment today and discover why we are one of the best spas and hair salons in Greenville SC! We look forward to meeting and serving you with the best talent in the city!

Captivating Atmosphere

Step into a L’Oréal Hair Salon, and you’re immediately transported into a world of sophistication and style. The salons are designed to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for clients, with chic interiors that reflect the brand’s commitment to elegance. The ambiance is carefully curated to make every visit a memorable and indulgent experience, setting the stage for a transformation that goes beyond just a haircut.

Expert Stylists and Consultants

At the heart of the L’Oréal Hair Salon experience are the expert stylists and consultants who are not just professionals but artists in their own right. Trained in the latest trends and techniques, they take the time to understand each client’s unique personality, lifestyle, and aspirations. This personalized approach ensures that every haircut, color, or treatment is tailored to enhance the individual’s natural beauty, creating a signature look that speaks volumes.

Exclusive L’Oréal Products

L’Oréal’s commitment to quality is reflected in the exclusive range of haircare products used in their salons. From shampoos and conditioners to color treatments and styling products, every item is meticulously crafted to nourish and enhance hair health. The use of these premium products ensures that clients not only leave the salon looking fabulous but also with hair that feels revitalized and rejuvenated.

Innovative Techniques and Trends

L’Oréal Hair Salons are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to adopting innovative techniques and staying ahead of haircare trends. The stylists regularly undergo training to master the latest cutting-edge methods, ensuring that clients can experience the most modern and fashionable hairstyles. Whether it’s the latest color trends, precision haircuts, or advanced styling techniques, L’Oréal Hair Salons are synonymous with staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of beauty.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it; let the glowing testimonials from satisfied clients speak for themselves. Clients consistently praise the L’Oréal Hair Salon experience for its attention to detail, personalized service, and the transformative results achieved by the skilled stylists. These positive reviews not only underscore the salon’s commitment to excellence but also contribute to its top-ranking position in the competitive world of haircare.