Marianne Tully

Marianne Tully

Guest Service Coordinator

Marianne’s life before finding her place at WOW! has taken her all over the North American continent. She was born in Pennsylvania, later meeting her husband John at Rider University in New Jersey. They enjoyed living on a farm for ten years, but they truly love the charm and hospitality of calling South Carolina home. From 2006-09 Michelin moved the family to Ontario, Canada. Snow and living in a Mennonite community became another way of life. Marianne has two married daughters and recently became “Mumzy” to Wake John Bethea!

Marianne always loved retail and spent summers at Amy Pride with Cathy Moca and Renee Orren teaching her the world of fashion.  She even worked at a boutique in Canada called Magnolias – an omen that she is truly “Southern” at heart.

And now she works at WOW!, surrounded by people who know the importance of using only the best products, to enjoy purchasing a fun accessory, but above all helping others look and feel their very best!

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