Why do I have an ultrasonic facial?

The beautician applies a mask to the girl's face

An ultrasonic facial is a procedure that uses ultrasound to remove impurities and keratinized cells from the epidermis. This procedure has a number of benefits, but it also has some limitations.

The benefits of ultrasonic facial cleansing:

  1. Pore cleansing. The ultrasonic waves created by the ultrasonic cleaning machine help soften and remove impurities from the pores, making them cleaner and healthier.
  2. Improvement of blood microcirculation. Ultrasonic facial cleansing helps increase blood flow in the skin, which improves skin nutrition and makes it look fresher and healthier.
  3. Stimulation of collagen production. Ultrasonic massage can also stimulate collagen production, which can improve skin elasticity and tone.
  4. Eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and age spots. Ultrasound can help eliminate fine lines and age spots, making the skin smoother and more uniform.
The beautician applies a mask to the girl's face

Contraindications for ultrasonic facial cleansing:

  1. Tumors and neoplasms of the face.
  2. open wounds and cuts. If you have open wounds or cuts on your facial skin, ultrasonic facial cleansing can aggravate the problem.
  3. an allergic reaction to the components of ultrasonic facial cleansing gel. If you have an allergic reaction to any components of the gel used during the procedure, it is better to consult with a beautician first.
  4. Period of pregnancy. The period of pregnancy is a contraindication for the procedure of ultrasonic facial cleansing, because at the moment there is no certain data on the safety of the procedure in pregnant women.

In any case, before performing an ultrasonic facial cleansing, it is recommended to consult with a specialist to make sure that it is harmless for your skin.

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