L’Oréal Pro Fiber

It all begins with an indulgent and exclusive in-salon treatment customized for your hair’s needs. One of our stylists will analyze your hair’s thickness and damage and then prescribe the perfect Renew hair therapy which instantly gives your hair the soft, freshly-cut, intensely shiny feel of healthy hair. With three ranges designed for different levels of thickness and sensitivity, you can achieve luminous and healthy-looking hair no matter what your hair’s texture and level of damage.

The benefits continue at home after your salon service. With our Pro Fiber line of hair care you can recharge and continue to strengthen your hair every week at home. We’ll help you select the shampoo, conditioner, and masque that match your level of need. A Re-charge booster is also available that can be used every four shampoos as a substitute to your conditioner or masque in order to recharge the salon resurfacing effect yourself at home.

Level 1: Revive For Slightly Damaged Hair

If your hair feels slightly dry with less shine, dull color or thin ends, Pro Fiber REVIVE is an excellent option. This range is perfect for normal to slightly damaged fine hair.

REVIVE will richly nourish your hair fibers and leave them looking and feeling  shiny, intensely soft, smooth, and lightweight from the root to the tip. The fragrance is a refreshing lemony scent with honey tones.

Level 2: Restore For Damaged Hair

Pro Fiber RESTORE products are ideal giving medium to thick, damaged hair a restored smoothing effect. If your hair has developed a rough texture, dull appearance, uneven color and split ends, then this is the line of hair care for you.

Inspired by professional restoring technology, RESTORE gives hair a smoother feel with added softness and shine. Products have a spicy, floral fragrance of sandal milk.

Level 3: Recover For Very Damaged Hair

If your hair is very sensitive or if it has been colored, highlighted and/or chemically altered, you may be seeing some not-so-positive effects. With over processing and excessive heat styling, your hair’s health can deteriorate to the point that every strand feels very rough with no shine, faded color, and split ends.

Pro Fiber RECOVER is a range intended for anyone with very damaged hair that needs strength and repair. It restores shine and softness and adds strength along with a nice black vanilla fragrance.