The Art of Pairing Lipstick with Blue Eyeshadow 

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Blue eyeshadow has made a resounding comeback, and beauty enthusiasts worldwide are eager to dive deep into this aquatic trend. But what color lipstick complements such a bold eye look? Navigating this colorful journey might seem like traversing an intricate maze, but fear not. Here’s the ultimate guide.

Understanding the Spectrum of Blue

Before we delve into lipstick shades, let’s demystify the many faces of blue eyeshadow. From a subtle cerulean to a deep navy, the range is vast. Know your blue to make the right lip choice:

  • Cerulean and Sky Blue: Light, airy, and reflective of a summer sky;
  • Teal and Turquoise: A blend of blue-green, reminiscent of tropical waters;
  • Cobalt and Royal Blue: Vibrant and regal, they demand attention;
  • Navy and Midnight Blue: Dark, mysterious, and reminiscent of a starless night.

Natural Nudes: A Timeless Classic

The sheer versatility of nude lipsticks is like the comforting aroma of grandma’s cookies. When sporting a striking blue eye, nudes can balance the overall look. Here’s why:

  • Harmony in Contrast: Blue is vivacious. A neutral lip ensures the eyes are the star;
  • Variety in Nudes: From beige to deep brown, there’s a nude for everyone.

Nude Lipstick Tones

Skin UndertoneRecommended Nude Shade
WarmPeachy Beige
CoolRosy Nude
NeutralSoft Brown

Reds and Berries: Daring Yet Divine

Ah, the eternal charm of reds and berries! A classic red lipstick is a staple in almost every makeup arsenal, and for good reason. It’s a color that’s as versatile as it is vivacious. Now, combine this with the cool undertones of blue eyeshadow, and you’re stepping into an arena of high fashion drama.

Classic Reds

Red has multiple shades and undertones. When paired with lighter blues like cerulean and sky blue, opt for a true red with neutral undertones. This allows for a balanced, complementary look that oozes sophistication.

Deep Berries

Darker blue shades like navy and midnight blue find their partner in crime with deep berry lipsticks. Think of a wine-stained lip matching the depth of a starry night sky. The outcome? Pure, intensified elegance.

Reds and Berries Pairing

Blue Eyeshadow ShadeLipstick Pairing
Cerulean & Sky BlueTrue Red
Navy & Midnight BlueDeep Berry

Pinks and Corals: The Youthful Play

Transport your look to breezy beaches or fragrant rose gardens with pinks and corals. These shades scream fun, youthful energy and can be a delightful contrast to blue eyeshadows.

Soft Pinks

Ideal for those days when you’re channeling an ethereal vibe. Paired with teal and turquoise eyeshadows, soft pink lips create a look reminiscent of sunrise over the ocean.

Bright Corals

For the bold and adventurous! The warmth and brightness of coral lipsticks can beautifully counterbalance and enhance the vibrancy of cobalt and royal blue eyeshadows.

List of Recommended Coral Lipsticks:

  • Coral Burst by BeautyLuxe;
  • Tropicana Rose by LipTints;
  • Sunset Charm by VelvetLips.

The Mauves and Plums: A Subtle Statement

When you’re in a mood to blend elegance with a hint of drama, look no further than mauves and plums. They bridge the gap between neutral and bold.


Universally flattering and often deemed the modern neutral. Whether you’re sporting a teal or a navy blue on the eyes, a mauve lip offers a fresh, contemporary spin.


Dark, rich, and utterly romantic. Especially enchanting with deep blue eyeshadows, creating a look steeped in nocturnal mystique.

Monochrome Blues: Bold Meets Bolder

Blue lips might seem unconventional, but makeup is art, right? If you’re one to defy norms and embrace the extraordinary, this section is your playground.

Sheer Blue Tints

For those dipping their toes in blue lip waters. A hint of blue, perhaps a gloss or tint, can beautifully echo blue eyes without overwhelming.

Metallic Blue

Channel your inner diva. Pair a shimmering blue lip with a smoky blue eye for a look that’s avant-garde and runway-ready.

Customization is Key: Mix and Match

Makeup doesn’t believe in boundaries. If you’ve scoured stores and still haven’t found ‘the’ shade, why not create it?

  • Base Foundation: Start with a neutral base. This could be a nude lipstick or a clear gloss;
  • Introduce Color: Use lip pencils, crayons, or even another lipstick. Swipe, dab, mix;
  • Blending: Keep blending until you achieve that dream shade. Remember, perfection is a journey.

Sealing the Deal: Tips for Longevity

We’ve all faced the dreaded lipstick smear on coffee mugs or the sudden disappearance post-lunch. So, how do we make it last?

  • Lip Priming: Begin with a clean, exfoliated lip. Apply a lip primer to ensure a smooth canvas. It’s like prepping a wall before a paint job;
  • Lip Liners: Not only do they prevent feathering and bleeding of the lipstick, but filling in your lips with liner can act as a secondary color base, enhancing longevity;
  • Setting Spray: A final mist, especially over the lips, can lock the color in, preventing those embarrassing smudges and transfers.
Girl with blue eye shadow touches her face

Neutral Ground: Elegance in Simplicity

In the vast world of lip colors, there’s a spectrum that offers a delicate touch, allowing the blue eyeshadow to be the star of the show. Neutral lip shades, from taupe to subtle nudes, can perfectly complement bold blue eyes without competing for attention.

Subtle Beiges

If you’re wondering “what color lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow” and you’re leaning towards a look that’s sophisticated yet understated, subtle beige lipsticks might be your answer. They are the unsung heroes in the lipstick world. With blue eyeshadow, especially when aiming for a smoky or intense look, a beige lip provides balance. It’s a look that says, “I’m chic, and I know it.”

Cocoa and Taupe Tones

Dive deeper into the neutral territory with cocoa and taupe shades. These tones, while neutral, have enough depth to make a statement. When paired with blue eyeshadow, they lend a touch of modernity and elegance, creating a harmonious balance between the eyes and lips.

Gloss Over Matte: A Texture Twist

While color is often the first thing we consider when choosing a lipstick, texture plays an equally pivotal role in determining the final look. When pairing lip products with blue eyeshadow, the choice between matte and gloss can redefine the entire aesthetic.

The Allure of Matte

A matte lip provides a velvety finish that’s undeniably sophisticated. When contemplating what color lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow, consider the finish as well. A matte lip, regardless of its shade, offers a contemporary, clean look that allows the vibrancy of the blue eyeshadow to pop.

The Glamour of Gloss

Glossy lips are synonymous with glamour. A shiny pout can add dimension and a touch of youthful exuberance to your makeup. When your blue eyeshadow is more subdued, a gloss can elevate the look, providing a dewy, fresh-faced appearance. Additionally, glosses can be layered over any lipstick shade, offering versatility and a customizable look that can easily transition from day to night.


Pairing lipstick with blue eyeshadow doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding the spectrum of blue and experimenting with various lip shades, you can find the perfect match to elevate your makeup game. So, arm yourself with brushes, play with colors, and strut with confidence!


Can I mix two lipstick shades to match my blue eyeshadow?

Absolutely! Customization lets you craft a unique shade tailored to your eyeshadow.

Is it okay to use a glossy finish with a matte blue eyeshadow?

Yes, contrasting textures can add dimension to your overall look.

How do I prevent my lipstick from overshadowing my eyeshadow?

Opt for muted lip shades or sheer finishes when your eyeshadow is particularly bold.

What makeup brushes are essential for applying blue eyeshadow?

A flat eyeshadow brush for application, a blending brush for the crease, and a smudging brush for the lower lash line.

Are there any lip colors to avoid with blue eyeshadow?

Makeup is a form of expression, so there are no strict rules. However, consider the occasion and overall look when choosing your shades.

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