Our Stylists

Our experienced staff is committed to nothing short of excellence. We are proud members of the professional beauty industry, so we continually take part in educational opportunities that better our skills and allow us to master new techniques. When you visit Wilson’s, you will discover professionals that take great care in answering your questions and ensuring you feel confident when you leave.

Wilson Eidson

Olivia Aspuria

Andrea Bednar

Nytasha Blassingame

Taylor Moon

Jessica Bolt

Ashley Brennan

Cortnee Collins

Liviy Devlin

Dara Davis

Haley Eidson

Jake Eidson

Mary Alice Ferguson

Krystal Garrett

Brittney George

Caitlyn Hawkins

Wanda Hightower

Amy Houston

Amber Hughes

Emily Powers

Shannon Kostyra

Kortney Ledford

Terry Leonard

Elena Lopez

Kelly McLees

Audrey Nabors

Brooke Bagwell

Julie Pittman

Della Rigdon

Brittany Riley

Terri Smart

Avery Smith

Mary Kathryn Smith

Emily Wilson

Kristen Williams

Dala Ray Bowman

Hannah Landreth

Marianne Tully

Savannah Sears

Sam Meigel

Rebecca Kellett