Top Rated Mascaras for Women Beyond 50

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If I had to rush out of the house at a moment’s notice and could only grab one makeup item, mascara would be my top choice! Mascara does wonders for defining your eyes, especially for blondes like me, by making them appear more vibrant and awake. Today, I’d like to discuss some of the top mascaras suitable for women over 50, along with some valuable mascara tips to help enhance your lashes.

The market offers an array of mascara brands, and the best mascara is the one that suits your eyes and lashes the most. If you’ve already found a mascara that you adore, I recommend sticking with it (and feel free to share it with us in the comments below). However, if you’re on the hunt for a new smudge-resistant, clump-free mascara that can lift and lengthen your lashes, read on for my list of personal favorites.

Why Look for Mascara Formulated for Older Women?

But why consider using mascara specifically formulated for mature women?

Well, as we age, our eyelashes naturally become thinner and more delicate. Mascara designed for older women often incorporates nourishing ingredients that promote lash health.

Additionally, these mascaras are thoughtfully crafted to be gentler on your lashes, taking into account the heightened sensitivity and dryness commonly associated with mature skin.

Yet, with a plethora of mascara choices available on the market, the quest for the ideal one to meet your unique needs can be quite a daunting task.

How To Choose the Best Mascara for Mature Women

As your lashes naturally become thinner with age, the quest for the perfect mascara can be quite a challenge. You’re looking for a product that can deliver long, voluminous lashes without appearing overly dramatic. Fortunately, there’s a wide array of fantastic mascara formulas designed specifically for mature women. Here’s a guide on how to select the best mascara for older women:

  • Take into account your lash type. If your lashes are shorter, seek out a mascara with a lengthening formula. For those with thinner lashes, opt for a volumizing mascara that can add density;
  • Give some thought to the finish you desire. If you prefer a more natural look, opt for a sheer or light-coverage mascara. On the other hand, if you want to make a bolder statement, choose a medium or full-coverage mascara for added drama;
  • Consider the type of brush that suits your needs. If you have sensitive eyes, a brush with softer bristles might be more comfortable. Alternatively, if you want more precision and control during application, select a brush with shorter bristles. These considerations will help you find the ideal mascara to enhance your mature lashes beautifully.

Tips for Choosing Mascaras Suitable for Older Women

As your lashes naturally become thinner with age, finding the perfect mascara can indeed pose a challenge. You’re in search of a mascara that can grant you those long, voluminous lashes without veering into overly dramatic territory. Fortunately, there’s a multitude of exceptional formulas available, specially crafted for mature women. Here’s your guide on how to choose the best mascara for older women:

To begin, take into account your specific lash type. If your lashes tend to be on the shorter side, seek out a mascara boasting a lengthening formula. For those with thinner lashes, gravitate towards a volumizing mascara designed to add depth and thickness.

Moving on, contemplate the desired finish you wish to achieve. If your aim is to maintain a more natural look, consider opting for a sheer or light-coverage mascara. On the contrary, if you’re aiming for a more striking and dramatic appearance, lean towards a medium or full-coverage mascara for that added intensity.

For individuals with sensitive eyes, it’s advisable to opt for a mascara formulated with dermatologist-tested ingredients or one that guarantees irritation-free wear. Conversely, if your lashes tend to be on the drier side, select a mascara with a moisturizing formula that will keep your lashes well-hydrated and conditioned.

Lastly, think about the type of brush that aligns with your specific needs. If you’re dealing with sensitive eyes, a brush with softer, gentler bristles might be more suitable. On the other hand, if you seek greater precision and control during application, consider a brush with shorter bristles. By keeping these considerations in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect mascara to enhance your mature lashes beautifully.

Examining Eyelash Issues: What to Watch For

It’s crucial to consider the specific issues your eyelashes may face as you age. Since lash hair tends to become thinner, shorter, or more sparse over time, selecting the right mascara requires thoughtful consideration of your lash-related concerns.

Here are some common types of lash issues:

  • Thinning Eyelashes: Thinning lashes occur as the growth cycle of eyelashes shortens, causing them to become thinner, fall out more frequently, and not grow as long as they once did. For thinning lashes, volumizing mascara is your best bet. These mascaras typically feature a denser formula and a larger brush to thoroughly coat each lash, creating the illusion of fullness and density;
  • Sparse Eyelashes: Many older women notice a decrease in lash density over time, which is also linked to the shortened growth cycle. If your lashes appear sparse, consider a lengthening mascara. This type of mascara is specially designed to elongate the lashes, providing a longer and fuller appearance;
  • Brittle Eyelashes: With age, eyelashes can become more fragile and susceptible to breakage. For brittle lashes, opt for a nourishing or conditioning mascara. These mascaras contain ingredients like vitamin E, olive oil, or argan oil, which work to fortify and nurture the lashes, reducing the risk of breakage.

For Gentle Formulation

As you age, your eyes may become more sensitive, necessitating extra care when selecting mascara. To avoid irritation or exacerbation of lash dryness, it’s wise to steer clear of mascaras that contain harsh chemicals or potent fragrances.

Instead, opt for mascaras formulated with gentle ingredients, such as vitamin E or natural oils, which are kinder to the delicate eye area.

For Choosing Between Waterproof and Regular Mascara

Contemplating the use of waterproof mascara? While it might seem enticing, it can be quite demanding on aging lashes.

Why, you ask? To remove waterproof mascara effectively, you often need a potent makeup remover, which may not be ideal for those with sensitive eyes and delicate lashes.

In the long run, standard mascara is often the wiser choice; it’s gentler on your lashes and simpler to remove at the end of the day.

However, if you’re seeking a longer-lasting mascara for a special occasion, there are waterproof options available that are easier to remove than typical waterproof mascaras. Rest assured, there’s a product out there to suit your specific needs!

For Smudge- and Flake-Free Formulas

As we age, the skin around our eyes loses some of its elasticity, making mascara more susceptible to smudging or flaking.

To combat any unexpected messy situations throughout the day, opt for a smudge-proof mascara.

Additionally, select a long-lasting mascara that won’t budge, flake, smudge, or run, ensuring your eye makeup remains impeccable throughout the day.

Effective Mascara Application Tips for Older Women

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Are you wondering how to make the most of mascara tailored for mature women? Look no further for effective application tips to help you achieve the perfect mascara look:

  • Moderation is Key: When using mascara meant for older women, remember that a little goes a long way. Avoid overdoing it to prevent clumping and achieve a more natural look;
  • Opt for Waterproof: If you have oily skin or live in a humid climate, opt for a waterproof mascara formula. This choice will ensure your mascara stays in place, resisting smudging and running;
  • Curl for Elegance: Enhance your lashes’ appeal by curling them before applying mascara. This simple step adds extra lift and opens up your eyes, providing an elegant look;
  • Wiggle for Evenness: As you apply mascara to your lashes, gently wiggle the brush back and forth. This technique helps evenly coat your lashes and reduces the risk of clumping;
  • Start with a Primer: Before applying mascara, use a lash primer. It creates a smooth base for the mascara, making your lashes appear even more impressive;
  • Know When to Replace: On average, mascara is at its best for about three months. After this time, consider swapping it out for a new one to ensure optimal results. Your lashes will thank you for it.

Tips and Tools for Mascara

Eyelash Curler:

Before applying mascara, use this highly acclaimed eyelash curler to ensure your lashes are lifted and beautifully curled.

Eyelash Comb:

Clumpy eyelashes are a no-go for me! I always keep a convenient eyelash comb like this one in my makeup bag to ensure my lashes stay perfectly separated.

Essence Volume Booster Lash Primer:

Ever given eyelash primer a try? It creates a smooth canvas for your mascara application while also nourishing and conditioning your lashes. I used to skip primer because I didn’t notice a significant difference in my lashes. However, my daughter taught me the trick: apply the primer and allow it to set before applying mascara. While waiting for the primer to dry, I typically move on to other parts of my hair or makeup routine.

Recommended Mascaras for Women in Their 50s

1. Essence Lash Princess

When I first ordered Essence Lash Princess mascara, priced at just $4.99, I couldn’t help but be skeptical. After all, I had been shelling out much more for “designer brands” and had never even heard of this one. However, the sheer number of reviews intrigued me, so I decided to take a chance. To my surprise, I became a firm believer in this mascara and have been using it ever since. Normally, I opt for the Essence Lash Princess for my everyday wear. However, when I plan to hit the pool, I switch to the waterproof version to avoid those pesky raccoon eyes.

2. Lancôme Lash Idôle Volumising Waterproof Mascara

If you’re in search of one of the finest mascaras available, the Lancôme Lash Idôle Volumising Waterproof Mascara offers a luxurious full fanned-out effect while maintaining a comfortable feel throughout the day. The fact that this top-rated waterproof mascara is a best-seller for Lancôme speaks volumes, solidifying its place on our list as one of the ultimate makeup essentials for mature women.

3. Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Mascara

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly mascara option, consider giving Maybelline’s Full N’ Soft Mascara a shot, especially since it boasts thousands of positive reviews. Users report that it’s particularly well-suited for older lashes, imparting a soft yet voluminous look. This cost-effective mascara has rightfully earned its place on our list as the top budget-friendly choice for mature women.

4. Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

I’m a one-coat mascara person, and this product exceeded my expectations by providing excellent coverage and making my eyelashes look absolutely fabulous. The best part? It’s not just great in terms of performance but also wallet-friendly, coming in at under $8. A true gem in the world of makeup finds!

5. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara

For those who are conscious of the products they use on their face and skin, Honest Beauty Co. has you covered. Their cruelty-free mascara is crafted with natural ingredients and even includes a primer. So, not only can you enjoy gorgeous lashes, but you can do so guilt-free.

6. L’Oréal Paris Paradise in Brown

If you’re on the hunt for an exceptionally well-reviewed brown mascara, L’Oréal has one that could be the perfect fit. It has secured a prime position on our shortlist as the Editor’s Choice, mainly because it’s our personal favorite among the options available. If you desire feathery, natural-looking lashes with both volume and length, this mascara is the one for you. Enriched with nourishing castor and rose oils, it’s a dream come true for sensitive eyes. Additionally, it comes in shades like black, intense black, and even a waterproof version for added versatility.

7. Ilia Limitless Lash

If you’re on the lookout for a clean mascara that delivers fluffy, full lashes, Ilia Limitless Lash is an excellent choice. Made with nontoxic ingredients and designed to be easy to remove, it’s ideal for individuals with sensitive eyes or those who wear contact lenses.

8. Clinique Lash Power™ Mascara

Few things are as frustrating as dealing with mascara that leaves you with unsightly “panda eyes,” a concern that becomes more pronounced as you age due to mascara settling into fine lines around your eyes. However, with Clinique’s Lash Power™ Mascara, this issue is a thing of the past. This mascara boasts an impressive 24-hour wear time and confidently asserts its ability to endure sweat, heat, rain, and tears without smudging or smearing.

9. Maybelline Sky High Lash Sensational

For those seeking fantastic mascara on a budget, Maybelline’s Sky High Lash Sensational is priced under $10. I have a friend who swears by this product, praising its flake-free formula that leaves her lashes looking incredibly full and long.

10. Too Faced Better Than Sex

Have you ever dabbled in products from the Too Faced brand? Over the years, I’ve used several items from their line, and I’m never disappointed. While their mascara may have a humorous name, the reviews suggest that it lives up to its reputation of being “better than sex.”

11. MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara

If you’ve never been fortunate enough to have naturally long lashes, the MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara is here to answer your prayers. Its ultra-thin wand and small bristles enable precise application right at the lash roots, ensuring you can truly amplify their length from base to tip.

12. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

The Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara features an ingeniously curved wand designed to effortlessly elevate, elongate, and unfurl lashes that may appear flat – almost like an eyelash curler in a tube. Furthermore, the mascara’s formula includes nourishing cotton nectar to promote long-term lash health. With its remarkable 24-hour wear, there’s no need for any touch-ups throughout the day.

13. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

Bobbi Brown’s top-tier mascara, the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, excels at creating striking lashes that start from the very roots. With its adaptable, medium-sized brush, you have the flexibility to layer it on without worrying about clumping. Moreover, its deep raven black hue enhances the natural color of your eyes, making them truly stand out.

14. Benefit Roller Lash Lifting and Curling Mascara Black

Benefit’s Roller Lash Lifting and Curling Mascara truly empowers you to reach the very roots of your lashes, thanks to its cleverly curved wand applicator. This mascara is currently making waves in the beauty world, and it’s easy to see why, given the glowing reviews. The wand expertly separates lashes, providing both lift and volume, all while ensuring a clump-free finish.

15. Benefit They’re Real Mascara

If you’ve been a fan of fake lashes but now find them too cumbersome for your eyes, consider ‘They’re Real’ Mascara by Benefit as an excellent alternative. This long-lasting formula delivers more prominent and more dramatic-looking lashes without the added weight. It imparts a fanned-out effect, enhancing your lashes with added length, thickness, and definition. Perfect for special occasions.

16. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Mascara Waterproof Black

If mascara tends to make your eyes feel heavy and irritated, La Roche-Posay, a renowned French skincare and beauty brand, has introduced the Toleriane Waterproof Mascara with your comfort in mind. This mascara is thoughtfully formulated without fragrances and parabens, and it has undergone rigorous allergy testing and dermatological approval to ensure its gentle and soothing properties.

17. Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara

Elizabeth Arden, a trusted brand, has created the vitamin-enriched Grand Entrance Mascara to enhance and nourish your lashes for a high-impact look. This mascara not only beautifies but also safeguards your eyelashes, thanks to its emollient and moisturizing properties, promoting lash health. Its proven effectiveness lies in the design featuring alternating wedge-shaped discs and conical bristles, ensuring every lash is captured, extended, and separated for stunning results.

18. L’Oréal Castor Oil-Enriched Paradise Volumising Mascara Black

Infused with nourishing castor oil to promote lash growth, L’Oréal’s Castor Oil-Enriched Paradise Volumising Black Mascara envelops each eyelash to deliver unmatched impact and definition without the hassles of clumping or flaking. The silky-smooth formula glides on effortlessly, providing a fuller and thicker look. Its gentle, soft-fiber brush is designed with your lash health in mind.


In conclusion, finding the perfect mascara becomes a crucial part of a beauty routine as women navigate their way beyond 50. The top-rated mascaras highlighted in this article cater to the unique needs of mature lashes, offering solutions for thinning, sparse, or brittle hair. By considering factors like lash type, finish, and brush design, you can select a mascara that not only enhances your natural beauty but also addresses the specific challenges posed by aging. Whether you seek length, volume, or nourishment, these mascaras are a testament to the beauty industry’s dedication to empowering women to look and feel their best at any age. So, embrace the transformative power of the right mascara, and let your eyes reflect the timeless beauty that comes with experience and wisdom.

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