Unlocking A Brighter Smile: What Color Lipstick Makes Teeth Look Whiter in 2023?

Assorted Lipstick Shades

Although visiting a dentist for a whitening procedure is the most direct method to enhance the brightness of your smile, the realm of makeup provides a more understated (and enjoyable!) alternative. An enduring beauty tip concerns the shade of your lipstick. The appropriate hue has the ability to create the illusion of teeth that are significantly brighter in color. The essence is within the color wheel and the juxtaposition it generates. But with 2023 rolling in with its new palette of colors, what color lipstick makes teeth look whiter now?

The Science of Color and Contrast

Before diving into the lipstick shades, it’s important to understand the basic science behind it. It’s all about contrasts and color undertones.

  • Blue-Based Colors: Blue undertones counteract the yellow in teeth, making them appear whiter. This is why lipsticks with blue-based hues often make teeth look their brightest;
  • Warm Tones: Orange, yellow, or overly warm undertones can sometimes emphasize yellow or off-white teeth.

Top Lipstick Colors for a Whiter Smile in 2023

  • Cool Reds: A red lipstick with a blue undertone, instead of an orange base, can make a significant difference. This year, cherry reds and cranberry shades are stealing the limelight;
  • Plums and Berries: Darker shades like plum, berry, and wine can create a beautiful contrast against your teeth, making them pop. The darker shade naturally makes the teeth look brighter;
  • Rosey Pinks: Instead of coral pinks, which can have yellow undertones, rosey or bubblegum pinks with cooler undertones are the way to go. They subtly brighten your smile without being too overpowering;
  • Taupe Nudes: While many nudes can wash out your complexion and emphasize yellow teeth, taupe nudes with a slight gray undertone can counteract this, making your teeth shine.

Table: Best Lipstick Shades for Whiter Teeth in 2023

Lipstick ColorUndertoneEffect on Teeth
Cool RedsBlue-basedMakes teeth whiter
Plums & BerriesCoolBrightens teeth
Rosey PinksBlue-basedEnhances whiteness
Taupe NudesSlight GrayNeutralizes yellowness

The Power of Gloss and Finishes

Varieties of Lipsticks

When it comes to lipstick, the finish you choose can significantly impact your overall look. Glossy and matte finishes are two popular options, each offering distinct benefits. Here’s a detailed comparison of these finishes:

  • Glossy lipsticks: Reflect light, creating fuller-looking lips and brighter teeth. They also offer hydration with moisturizing ingredients and provide bold, attention-grabbing colors, making them great for a glamorous appearance while masking minor lip imperfections;
  • Matte lipsticks: Known for their impressive longevity, lasting for hours without frequent touch-ups. They exude sophistication with a velvety appearance suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Additionally, matte lipsticks minimize transfer onto cups, clothes, or skin, thanks to their smooth texture, providing an elegantly matte finish without shine.


The benefits of cosmetics go beyond the surface of the skin. Choosing the appropriate lipstick color can serve as a powerful tool to enhance the brightness and whiteness of your smile. When considering which lipstick color makes teeth appear whiter, keep in mind the importance of cool undertones and glossy finishes. 2023 has a wide range of tones, including rich berries and traditional cool reds, to enhance your smile and make it shine.  Keep in mind that confidence is most noticeable, so choose a color that makes you feel fantastic!


What if my favorite lipstick color doesn’t fit the ‘teeth-whitening’ shades?

Makeup is a personal expression, and you should wear whatever makes you feel confident and happy. If your preferred lipstick color doesn’t align with the “what color lipstick makes teeth look whiter” guidelines, rock it with pride! There are always other ways to enhance the brightness of your smile, such as good dental hygiene or professional whitening treatments.

Does lip liner color affect the appearance of teeth’s whiteness?

Absolutely! Like lipstick, lip liners can either enhance or diminish the appearance of your teeth’s whiteness. It’s best to choose a lip liner in the same undertone family as your lipstick.

Can men benefit from these color suggestions?

Certainly! Makeup knows no gender. If men choose to wear lipstick or any other cosmetic product, the same color guidelines can apply.

Are there other makeup tricks to make my teeth look whiter?

Beyond lipstick, using a blue-based lip gloss can further enhance the effect. Additionally, a brighter, illuminated complexion can help your teeth stand out. So, a good highlighter and a radiant foundation can also work wonders.

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